Raffi’s glass Prop’s log

What it is :

Indeed, what is it? Is it a vase or is it a drinking glass? But one must admit that “our” propmaster has a keen eye for detail. In the scene where Picard visits his old friend Raffi you can see how she quickly empties a vase and refills it to use it as a drinking glass. She will probably need a stiff drink when she finds out why Picard comes to her.


If you haven ‘t watched the new series Picard yet then it might be a good idea not to read to much of this log. Because this is more about Raffi and Picard than just a drinking glass. We get to meet Michelle Hurd’s character Raffi Musiker by the end of the second episode. Not much had been said about her in the show yet, but it’s clear from the way she reacts to seeing Picard that she isn’t too happy with him these days. Raffi used to be Admiral Picard’s First Officer aboard the USS Verity, which was Picard’s command during the Romulan emergency which saw the planet being threatened by a supernova. Lt. Commander Raffi Musiker was an expert in Romulan affairs, and thus a natural to serve as Picard’s Number One during that mission. She is the only one who calls him “J.L” which oddly enough he doesn’t seem to mind.

Used materials:

The original prop in the series is in my humble opinion an actual flower vase. Propmasters tend to use existing objects and reuse them in a different way. In this case, the maker used an existing item and gave it a new purpose as an interesting prop.

To be honest I’ve only seen one. On E-bay: Star Trek Picard-Rafi’s drink glass Vintage Dark Red Art Glass Vase 6.5″ Tall. The price for this particular prop : 100$. Not to diminish it, but if you google Vintage Dark Red Art Glass Vase you can find the “real” thing for a lot less.

Are you curious about this prop? Then come to the next Sector 31 meeting and you can have a closer look.

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