Prop’s log Desktop viewer

History :

The desktop viewer. At the time a very futuristic device, a small TV screen with which you could have live conversations with  another person at great distances and a computer screen. In addition, you could control the device with your voice. That was, of course, something one could only dream of.  These days, voice control is almost normal. You talk to your phone , your computer, and whoever is willing to poney up the dough, can have entire conversations with every appliance in your house. Alexa or Google controls my lights, I no longer need a clunky remote control to turn on my TV and my choice of music is known to Spotify. In my garden you can see  a small automower  which neatly trims my lawn. But my vacuum cleaner still refuses to walk up the stairs on it’s own.  All jokes aside, Star trek was a huge inspiration and predicted the future with pinpoint accuracy.


As star trek evolved so did  the did the desktop viewer and several versions were seen every star trek spin-off.

Of course the prop builders of section 31 couldn’t ignore the mother of all props and made a wonderful replica of the original . The original was made of wood as were the data cards .  The screen itself was blue so images could easily be projected on to it .  Prop builders these days still  make versions made of wood although 3D printed version are also available on the internet.  Prices vary from 300 to 500€ for the more elaborate models.  Of course as usual you can admire this piece at one of our upcoming meetings


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