Nadia ‘s Personal log

Who are you?
I am Nadia a Star Trek fan and sciencefiction lover and I am still working as an ICT employee at the Concert Gebouw. My other hobbies are cosplay, gaming and playing the piano.

Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?
I watched the series since the 80’s when my parents took me tot the movie “The Voyage Home”. We always watched Sci-Fi on  TV.  Star Trek still has a special place in my heart. I bought all the Dvd’s so I could watch them all, this was before Netflix and Prime.

Which Star Trek series do you like most and why?
I love DS9 . It was the first one with a continuing story and with the dvd’s I bought I could see it in a row. I love the interaction between Odo and Quark.

Did you ever met one of the actors from DS9?
I met Armin Shimmerman in an elevator. I also had a photo op with Avery Brooks who played Sisko .

What was the last Star Trek related gift you gave someone and why?
I can’t remember I gave someone something Trek related.

Did you ever received a Star Trek related gift?
My aunt, who is also a trekkie, gave me a DS9 brooch once.

If you could live in the Star Trek universe what would you be/do?
Maybe a musician, travelling to many planets. I am not built for military, but I would like to be a guest pianist at Ten forward, and getting to know music from other species.
Could we ask you to play piano in costume on one of the Sector 31 meetings?
Yes I am busy practicing, if there is a piano I could.

If you had one wish for mankind, what would that be?
Please work together. All those wars doesn’t help at all fort he earth. This is the only planet we can live on now.

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