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Lost in time “part 1”

“space, the final frontier” those were the words floating through your mind as you sat in your cell, onboard of the USS Enterprise. The same spaceship you loved and cherished from the movies and tv series when you were still in your own time. That is, if you were even in your own dimension right now. How it had happened? Nobody was sure of it, not even yourself. All you could remember was that you crossed the street right before everything went black.

After that you woke up staring at a crisp white ceiling while tied to a biobed. A few checks performed by the chief medical officer himself had confirmed it, you were missing all of the vaccine shots you should have. The computers database offered very little more info, your status had been set to missing. Nobody knew where you were, perhaps that was why you were feeling so conflicted. You were save and sound in the future you had always dreamed of but, your friends and family, you didn’t know what had happened to them. If they found out what happened to you, if they were okay. You stood up and walked towards the glass panel of your cell, the captain hadn’t decided if you were a safety concern or not yet. So for the time being, this cell would be your home. You sighed and walked back to the bed and lied down on it, falling into a dreamless sleep worried about your own future.

A few hours later you were awakened by the chirping sound indicating that the door to your cell opened. A red uniformed officer, the one you recognized as “cupcake” from the movies, stood in the doorway “let’s go” he huffed out. You stood up from the bed and followed him through the door and the corridors towards the turbolift. The two of you rode in silence until the door chirped and you could see the letter F above the door. How anyone could ever find their way in this ship? There were so many corridors and decks and everything looked the same, you looked in wonder around you and bumped into “cupcake” when he suddenly halted “sorry” you mumbled, he huffed and opened the door “the captain has decided you’re not a threat for security, enjoy” he gestured for you to get in the room and you did, not wanting to piss off the buff security officer. Behind you the door closed and you were left alone. Immediately you walked over to the small window and pressed your face against it, all worries momentarily forgotten as you watched the stars passing by at an incredible speed.

To be continued

authors note I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters. This is a small introduction to the story line, please let me know what you think of it and if I should continue it or write other stories.

Petra Vd Corput has been writing Star Trek fan stories for years, both short and long. Sector 31 has asked Petra to write you a story every month.

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