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Lost in time “part 2”

The chime from the door pulled you out of your thoughts and made you turn around, a grumpy looking man, who looked an awful lot like the famous doctor McCoy, looked at you. “ah, so you’re the stowaway. My name is McCoy, Leonard McCoy. I’m here to get you up to date on your vaccines” he gestured to the couch “take a seat please” you obeyed his command and sat down on the couch, immediately rolling up your sleeve so he could stick the needle in your upper arm. He chuckled “no need for that, there’s no need for all those needles in this century” you sheepishly looked away “oh yeah, I forgot” all you heard was the soft hiss of the hypospray before he turned to his bag to get another one. “that’s it?” You asked with an incredulous look, there was no sting of pain. You didn’t even know where he administered the spray since you were looking away. “oh dear, you’re gonna have a lot to get used to” he mumbled as turned back to you with the second hypospray loaded with a clear purple fluid “so tell me Y/N, what was your life like when you were back home?” You thought a while about what it was like again, dragging yourself to that same cubicle every day and then back home.

And so you told him, about your work, your social life, but most importantly why you were so excited to be here. Because Star Trek had been a major part throughout your entire life. In your free time you visited cons and met up with likeminded people. A few details from what Star Trek entailed made McCoy raise his brows but he said nothing, both because he didn’t want to interrupt your story nor did he want you to stop talking about this mysterious “Star Trek” soon dinnertime rolled around and it was time to head down to the mess hall and introduce you to the rest of the crew. After all, your future would depend on them.

The story continues next month in a longer part…. Stay tuned.

authors note I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters. This is a fictional story that I wrote. I do not make profit from it and It’s not authorized by CBS or Viacom.

Petra Vd Corput has been writing Star Trek fan stories for years, both short and long. Sector 31 has asked Petra to write you a story every month.

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