Laser scalpel Prop’s log

What is it:
The laser scalpel was a specialized medical instrument used for creating incisions in various tissues.

This type of scalpel was considered standard equipment used by Starfleet medical personnel. This device was available in different wavelengths for varied cutting strength and depth. The laser scalpel was the term used from the 2260s, until the 2370s, when it was replaced by the exoscalpel.
It could cut into living tissue but also heal wounds.

The borg adopted this device and incorporated it into the servo-armatures of Borg medical repair drones.

During the series, we can find one lying in an engineering toolbox.
Perhaps it also can be used as an engineering device.

This type of scalpel can be seen in the TNG, DS9 and VOY series.

Former designs:
During the years the design changed from a metal cone-like scalpel to the more gun-like models and even back to the cone model.

Used materials:
The cone-like models were made out of aluminium, some with some coloured wood for the grip. The later models were made out of painted resin with a transparent acrylic tip.

The resin versions are hard to find and really expensive.
Some prop builders managed to print them in the same shape on their 3D printer and offer them online.

From the cone-like model are the aluminium ones quite hard to find. But also with this one, some sellers managed to 3D print them.
Prices range from €15 to €120.

You can take a closer look at these models during one of the Sector 31 meetings.

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