Hypospray Prop’s log

What it is :

A hypospray is a medical device used to inject liquids into the body. The system uses a transport mechanism of compressed air to transfer the liquid from the device into the sub-dermal layer below the skin of the body, or artery, without the use of a needle, ensuring that the skin is not punctured during use, thus reducing the risk of infection or pain at the site of injection.

Usually the injection is the in side of the neck, to the carotid artery, but the hypospray can inject even through clothing. Ranging from a simple headache treatment, to pain relief, different kinds of medicines can be used to treat the patient. It can even collect air samples in order to test it, and store it for later use.

Former designs:
There a numerous designs of hypos used in star trek. Almost every race with advanced medical skills use a similar device or type of hypo to perform treatments. Humans, Ferengi, Hirogen, Cardassians, and believe it or not, even Klingons use some kind of hypospray. Although personally I would not want to be at the mercy of a Klingon Doctor.

Enterprise hypospray
TOS hypospray
Hirogen hypospray
TNG / DS9 / Voyager hypospray
and yes even a Klingon uses a hypospray

Used materials:
Early hypospray props were made mostly out of aluminium or metal and had glass vials with colored liquid. Later most props were made out of resin and plastic. The plastic vials (because glass was unsafe) were not always filled with liquid but also solid colored resin.

Small props or replicas like hyposprays are easily made available due to 3D printing. Models can be found on the internet for as low a few Euros. They often are part of complete medical kits together with medical tricorders and other devices .

Replica TOS medical kit

You can take a closer look at different types of hyposprays during one of the Sector 31 meetings.

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