Who are we?

Dear Star Trek enthusiasts,

Starfleet Sector 31 was set up with the idea of ​​creating a platform for the Star Trek fan who wants to go a step further. Our focus lies on the experience. Our aim is to immerse our visitors as much as possible in the Star Trek universe in a very fun and comprehensive way, where the visitor is part of that universe.
We are not a fan club that accepts members, nor are we a platform for existing fan clubs. Of course, all members of the different clubs are welcome.
Starfleet Sector 31 is set up by fans, for fans. The props, uniforms and other elements present are often replicas made by fans. Where possible we try to show screen used material.
We also have absolutely no profit objective. All income goes to organizing and improving activities, building props and feeding our tribble volunteers during the meetings.
We are very excited about sharing our passion for the Star Trek universe and hope to meet you at our events.

Live long and prosper.
Thomas and Jeroen

Sector 31 is nowhere without a good team of volunteers. We are therefore proud of our volunteers:


  • André Hidding
  • Angela Boeijen
  • Bogdan Nieborek
  • Christa Schaap
  • Harrie Oosterwaal
  • Linda  v/d Burgt
  • Olga Kok
  • Yolanda Hassing