Meeting 2019

Below you'll find an overview of the event:

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This year the Sector 31 meeting will take place on September 28 at the Doorkijk, Druten, The Netherlands.
From 11:00 am to 5:30 pm you are welcome in this Sector 31 outpost.

We know that for some of you it is a bit off the route, so we have created a carpool planner. Not only better for the environment but also useful for those who find it uncomfortable to drive alone, who have to travel for a long time by public transport or who want to pay attention to the money.
You can find the planner here to register;

A careful planning in advance (he can be changed):

Federation plaza
Props and costumes:
A number of fans are creative and are currently working hard to showcase their self-made Star Trek stuff. You can touch or operate some items, while others can be purchased. Of course, there are also things that you cannot touch and that you can only drool on.

There is a display case where you can put your Star Trek stuff (with which you no longer do anything) for sale. So maybe you go home with a pearl from someone else or some money from someone else ..

From the Syndicate, with love:
One of the fans is a professional dancer ( and will provide a special performance while you enjoy your Romulan Ale.

Room 1: Holodeck
TNG Console and Klingon Captain Chair free shoot:
In this room, you have the possibility to take a picture yourself with a bridge console from the TNG series and a real Klingon captain chair. The units are equipped with effects and featured, you can take the photos yourself.

Cosplay photoshoot:
EvD photography is there to capture you on the sensitive plate.

Ready-to-beam-down session:
During this walk-in session, you can have yourself transported into this space through the effects of AtmosFX. Without flash you can film / photograph each other during such a session.

Room 2: Conference room
Start Away mission:
During 4 moments you can join to participate in a real Away mission.
With a padd (which you get from us on loan) you go on an away mission together with teammates (or on your own) and you try to carry out multiple assignments.

Federation quiz:
How big is your general Star Trek knowledge? Take part in this quiz to find out!

Conclusion Away mission:
How well have the Away missions been carried out? You will hear it here.

During the day you can win Gold Pressed Latinum just like last year. You can take this home as a prop or trade it in for different goodies or props.

Will you come? Buy a ticket, then book 28 September in your agenda and let Facebook know that you are coming.

Tickets can be ordered through our website: Here

Do you already know that you are going by car? Then don't forget to put this in the carpool planner. You help others with that!

Location information:
Long piece 2, 6651 HZ Druten

Accessible via the A50 and then the N322.
Can be reached by bus from Nijmegen on line; 89, 85 and 12

-Tickets can be paid by pin at the door.
-Do you like to stay in the neighborhood? Here is a list of accommodation options in the area:
* B&B De Vakhoeve
* B&B Het Postenhofje
* B&B btween maas & waal
* Bed & Breakfast Appeltern
* Hotel De Twee Linden
* Moeke Mooren