Displacement-activated spore hub drive Prop

What is it: An experimental technology developed by Paul Stamets and Science Officer Straal during the mid-23rd century that allowed starships to travel instantly across a mycelium network. The technology was only used on two Federation starships: the U.S.S. Glenn and the U.S.S.Disovery In Star Trek Discovery, a new type of technology takes us even faster than warp drive: the spore drive. Instead of traveling slower-than-light (via impulse engines) or even faster-than-light through space (via warp drive), the spore drive enables an instantaneous “jump” from one location in space to another, disconnected place a great distance away. The idea has been dismissed as an impossibility  but the right circumstances could take it from the realm of science fiction to real-life science. DASH By interfacing with this spore network from a special room present on the ship, a Displacement Activated Spore Hub (DASH) drive enables the ship to travel from space, into subspace, and back into space at a completely disconnected location. It’s a clever idea, for sure, that envisions a mechanism for traveling to distant locations more quickly and precisely than even a warp drive could enable. So…what happened to the Spore Drive? It’s no secret that Discovery left a lot of holes in its plot. One of the major ones being why the spore drive isn’t present in any later iteration of Trek. Supposedly the second season will focus on connecting itself back to TOS canon so presumably we’ll have an answer that doesn’t include the words “alternate timeline”. Alternatively the show would end with the Discovery being lost with all hands and all of Stamet’s research (research that wasn’t backed up planet side due to the secret nature of the project). The writers kind a pushed themselves into a corner here… What do you think happened to the spore drive in the ten years between Discovery and TOS? Makes a great prop though… Our prop builder(s) were somewhat challenged but managed to fabricate a convincing prop. Although the prop is not easy to find on the internet you can admire it on one of our upcoming meetings.  
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