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Pre-Sale for the Sector31 Meet-Up has Started!

Pre-Sale has Started! Early Bird and Pre-Sale tickets are Available Until the 30th of june. Early Birds are Limited and a Lucky Few get a Free Poster! Regular Tickets are Available from the 1st of July until 10th of September. So, Full Speed Ahead! Adult Early Bird: 13,95 + Free Poster Pre-Sale ...

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Displacement-activated spore hub drive Prop

What is it: An experimental technology developed by Paul Stamets and Science Officer Straal during the mid-23rd century that allowed starships to travel instantly across a mycelium network. The technology was only used on two Federation starships: the U.S.S. Glenn and the U.S.S.Disovery In Sta...

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Replicator Prop

What it is  The Replicator. To put it in simple terms : it is essentially an upgraded form of the transporter, derived from transporter technology to dematerialize matter and then reconstitute it in another form. Replicators can create anything by rearranging atoms, but it can't make new matter....

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Who are our ambassadors?

The following people are our proud Sector 31 Ambassadors:   Because the patreon page has only just been launched, this page has not been updated yet. Come back later.               Wish to become an ambassador yourself? Klik here to becom...

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Gezocht communicatief vaardige nerd!

Sector 31 bestaat uit een groep van 10 vrijwilligers. De meeste daarvan zijn als ST fan actief op de meeting of op de spellendag. De rest is actief op het gebied van props maken, activiteiten bedenken en artikelen schrijven.Wij zoeken iemand die gestructureerd kan werken en het leuk vind om de reg...

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Sector 31 online meeting

(Only in Dutch)Wegens het wegvallen van onze jaarlijkse Sector 31 meeting hebben wij besloten een online variant te houden op dezelfde dag.Deelname kost niets maar kan je wel wat opleveren in de vorm van prijzen.Als je aangeeft dat je gaat ontvang je net voor het event een link om onli...

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Sector 31 wants you!

Sorry for you, lucky for us. We found new colleagues! ...

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New website online!

We are delighted! As you can see our new website is online. The new site meets our wishes even better and also gives us the opportunity to say partially goodbye to Facebook as our primary communication platform. As you might know, many people have said goodbye to Facebook in recent years due to pr...

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