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Starfleet Engineering’s Secret Weapon: The Isolinear Chip

Why is it that Starfleet Ships seem to constantly malfunction? Why can anything be fixed by opening a panel and slotting chips about? How can Starfleet engineers pull so many one-time ship functions from nowhere? And why do Starfleet's computers take up whole decks? Starfleet's Ships' systems are...

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Prop’s log Type 3 phaser rifle

A type-3 phaser (often simply referred to as a phaser rifle) was the Federation classification for the more powerful rifle variant of the standard Starfleet handheld phaser. Phaser rifles were not standard equipment aboard Starfleet vessels. Spock had to make a special request for one to be broug...

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Prop’s log Desktop viewer

History : The desktop viewer. At the time a very futuristic device, a small TV screen with which you could have live conversations with  another person at great distances and a computer screen. In addition, you could control the device with your voice. That was, of course, something one could on...

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Neural parasite Prop’s log

The first type is  a flying  parasite ,  a disc shaped gelatinous creature about 30 cm in diameter. (Almost like a jelly fish or a stingray.) These Parasites have no detectable external or internal organs, and they emit buzzing sounds similar to bees. Spock described a parasite as "re...

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Raffi’s glass Prop’s log

What it is : Indeed, what is it? Is it a vase or is it a drinking glass? But one must admit that "our" propmaster has a keen eye for detail. In the scene where Picard visits his old friend Raffi you can see how she quickly empties a vase and refills it to use it as a drinkin...

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Fenris Ranger token Prop’s log

What it is : The material of with this token is made, is next impossible to forge or replicate. It bears the Rangers distinctive logo and is used a .... calling card. Whenever you are in need of help, just activate this token and help is on its way. Wich makes them a sort of A- team ...

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What about props?

What is a Prop?A theatrical property, also known as a prop, is an item that belongs to and is used in a production. A prop is a mobile item that can be positioned on stage, or that is used by members of the cast. If you can wear it, it’s a costume. If you can’t move it, it’s scenery, and if ...

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Please state the nature of this prop.

One of the favorite characters from “Star Trek: Voyager” is the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram). Alike as Spock, Data and Odo before him, the EMH represents the outsider among humans. All he looks for is to be treated with respect and as an equal being. He strives to become more than his origi...

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Di-lithium Crystal Prop’s log

What is it:Di-lithium is a precious crystal used in tactical warp drives. It is semi-permeable to both deuterium and anti-deuterium, and provides a natural chamber for a controlled matter-antimatter reaction, focusing the energy so it can be harnessed and used for power. Di-lithium is the key to al...

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Laser pistol Prop’s log

What it is : The laser Pistol, Limited issue personal weapon for Starfleet personnel during 2260's. An advancement over the earlier Mk.1 pistol, this weapon featured an increase in power while retaining the size and weight of the previous model. As with the Mk.1 model, rotation of the forwa...

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