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Tricorder Prop’s log

What is it:The tricorder is a hand-held device used for data sensing, analysing and recording. With its specialized abilities, it makes it an asset to Starfleet crew onboard starships, space stations and even on away missions. The name itself is short for "Tri-function recorder". There are various...

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Saurian brandy Prop’s log

What is it:Saurian brandy is an alcoholic drink, a type of brandy manufactured by Saurians, a reptilian-type species from the planet Sauria. Usage:A popular drink produced by distilling wine, this potent beverage was served in a crook-necked bottle and was a favourite among Starfleet crews by th...

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Laser scalpel Prop’s log

What is it:The laser scalpel was a specialized medical instrument used for creating incisions in various tissues. Usage:This type of scalpel was considered standard equipment used by Starfleet medical personnel. This device was available in different wavelengths for varied cutting strength and d...

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Ferengi phaser Prop’s log

What is it:This was a type of phaser classified as a plasma weapon. It could fire a plasma beam (one of the four fundamental states of matter). Usage:This type of phaser was considered a standard-issue hand weapon used by military personnel in the Ferengi Alliance. It could also be found among m...

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