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Rudolf’s Personal log

Who are you? My name's Rudolf Pressiatiuck, I'm 42 years old and I live in Belgium. I'm a drummer and quit school at age 17 to become a rockstar, unfortunately after over a decade of practicing, recording and performing I had to accept that that will never happen.   Did you ever try to ...

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Personal log Dennis

  Who are you? A 36 year old IT guy who became an admin of the Belgian Star Trek fanclub in 2016 during his very 1st ever Comic Con.Do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan? Absolutely! Through my parents I grew up watching the golden era trilogy of TNG, DS9 and VOY. While I do have a fe...

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Olga’s Personal log

Who are you? My name is Olga Kok and I am a 39 year old mom and nurse Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?Because I adore the story lines and the diversity. I have been watching since I was a child as my step-father was a huge fan of star trek and even looks a lot like ...

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Nadia ‘s Personal log

Who are you?I am Nadia a Star Trek fan and sciencefiction lover and I am still working as an ICT employee at the Concert Gebouw. My other hobbies are cosplay, gaming and playing the piano. Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?I watched the series since the 80's when my parents took me tot...

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Marlies Personal log

Who are you?My name is Marlies Scholte Hoeksema, I live in Leeuwarden with my husband, our cat Donna, part-time cat Zelda, and part-time housemate Alice. I studied History at Utrecht University. I currently work in health insurance and preside over the Dutch science fiction society ( I re...

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Harrie’s Personal log

Who are you?The name is Harrie Oosterwaal, 33, systems engineer at SAP Concur, living in North Brabant. I am mostly working from home at the moment but normally I travel a lot between Amsterdam and Paris, giving me loads of time to watch and rewatch my favorite shows. Why do you consider you...

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Pim’s Personal log

Who are you? I am Pim Blokker, 45 years old, living and working in the Dutch city of Delft. I work as a senior lab technician in a Quality Control Laboratory where I am involved in the release testing of food, medicinal and enzymatic products. Star Trek is my greatest hobby, next to other s...

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Peter’s Personal log

Who are you?My name Is Peter de Haas. I am 62 years old and I've been a science fiction fan all my life. Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?If I'm being honest Star Trek wasn't my greatest love In sciencefiction at all, that being the novels of Jack Vance. Since TOS aired in the b...

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Kenny’s Personal log

Who are you?Hello, my name is Kenny Ambroos aka Cosmopoly Props. You say Cosmopoly Props, do you make Star Trek related props?I built props from when I was very little, they didn’t look accurate at all but for me as a child I loved it. When I started to build actual props I always felt more c...

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Linda’s Personal log

Who are you?My name is Linda, I am 37 years old and I live near Groningen. I have a wonderful husband who supports me in all my crazy hobbies, and a great daughter Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?I love the adventures that different captains and their crew enco...

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