Archive : February 2020

Linda’s Personal log

Who are you?My name is Linda, I am 37 years old and I live near Groningen. I have a wonderful husband who supports me in all my crazy hobbies, and a great daughter Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan?I love the adventures that different captains and their crew enco...

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Fan-Film maker Benny Hall log

Who are you?I’m Benny Hall. I live in Los Angeles, California. I’m half-German, half-Hawaiian. I work in the entertainment industry producing TV shows. What kind of TV shows do you produce? I have worked on scripted and unscripted TV shows. I did a 1...

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Diana’s Personal log

Who are you? Jeroen Bakker ,I am busy with all kinds of fun activities, I compose music and I write poems. I am currently working hard on translating The Chronicles of Oz. I also run my own publishing house.   Why do you consider yourself a Star Trek fan? Plain and simple :Because I like Sta...

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Tricorder Prop’s log

What is it:The tricorder is a hand-held device used for data sensing, analysing and recording. With its specialized abilities, it makes it an asset to Starfleet crew onboard starships, space stations and even on away missions. The name itself is short for "Tri-function recorder". There are various...

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Andreas Personal log

Who are you?My name is Andreas Neuburg, I am 38 years old, I come from Duisburg in NRW and I am the idea giver and initiator of the Sci-Fi-Fanmeeting Außenposten 47. A Cosplay- and fan group whose activities at public events pursue a charitable background by collecting donations for the cancer aid...

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