Archive : December 2019

Petra’s story logs

Lost in time "part 2" The chime from the door pulled you out of your thoughts and made you turn around, a grumpy looking man, who looked an awful lot like the famous doctor McCoy, looked at you. “ah, so you’re the stowaway. My name is McCoy, Leonard McCoy. I’m here to get you up to date on...

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Laser scalpel Prop’s log

What is it:The laser scalpel was a specialized medical instrument used for creating incisions in various tissues. Usage:This type of scalpel was considered standard equipment used by Starfleet medical personnel. This device was available in different wavelengths for varied cutting strength and d...

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Jonathan Lond’s extra log

Because of the holiday's we give you this extra interview. Have fun reading it! Who are you?I am Jonathan Kevin Lond, a British citizen living in Osnabrück Germany. I am 53 years old, I’m divorced and I have three children, my oldest son born in 1996 is James Tiberius, tells you everythi...

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Hendrik Jan’s Personal log

Who are you?My name is Hendrik Jan Brakels. As a Trekkie cosplayer, I don’t try to be a particular character from the Star Trek series, but I use the name Lt. Cmdr. Brooks sometimes (Brooks is an English translation of my Dutch surname).I live in Warmond since I was born (1958). Single. Why do...

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